Work Your Wedding Photos with 3 Simple Rules.

Anxiety Support Sep 16, 2020

We all have visions of how we want to feel on our wedding day, and let’s be honest we want to look and feel like a god damn Queen. 👑

Gorgeous wedding photos are usually one of the non-negotiables for every newlywed couple. But what if the idea of stepping in front of the camera has you looking for the nearest exit? 🏃

First of all, you are already a queen and beautiful inside and out. But I get it, you want to really feel it on your wedding day. There is also the financial worry: you don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars on something that feels awkward and gives you Chandler vibes.

Photos are challenging when you have anxiety and I understand the pressure you might be putting yourself under. You want to look beautiful. Feel confident. Have fun and not spend all day living your worst nightmare, on what is meant to be the happiest day of your life. That’s a lot to balance mentally and emotionally.

You are not alone. You are talking to an A+ awkward. I hate getting my photo taken and it’s something I have had in common with a lot of the couples I’ve worked with and that’s why I wanted to give you these rules.

Here are some of the most common photo fears and how you can find your light and shine! ✨

1. Find your Style

I'm not going to lie, wedding photography is expensive and parting with a large sum of money is enough for anyone to feel anxious. Especially when we judge whether it was worth it on how we look in the photos. You know when you tell your hairdresser that you love the haircut you hate? That sinking guilty feeling? I don’t want that for you and your wedding photos! That's why my first tip is to find your style and own it!

Thanks to social media platforms, wedding magazines and websites, we are bombarded with wedding photography! Although this can cause a subconscious pressure for your wedding photos to be as “perfect” as the ones you have seen online. But the good news is, you can use this mass of content to help find a style that you like. Defining what you do and don’t like will make chatting to your photographer a breeze and have you both working off the same page from day 1.

Having some clear ideas in your mind of what you want from your photography will give you so much confidence when talking to your photographer and kick start an incredible working relationship. Communicating your vision is going to up your chances of loving your final photos dramatically, because they will be in line with your vision from the beginning.

2. Find a Photographer You Trust

The simple answer for that is trust. We are happy taking photos with our family and friends because we trust them. We trust that we won't be judged and if we're not happy with a photo, it can be deleted and forgotten.

Finding a photographer that you trust and can allow yourself to be vulnerable with is key to feeling your best in your wedding photos, so really invest the time in finding out more about your photographer before booking them. You want to work with people that you like and can be honest with. This all starts with some good old-fashioned social media stalking.

Spend some time on social media and Google and shortlist some photographers whose style matches what you’re looking for. Drop them a message and enquire whether they offer a free consultation for you to get to know them. Treat that consultation like you would an interview and consider whether that photographer is the right fit for you. Trust me, you will feel it when you find the ONE.  If you feel comfortable (and hopefully you do) discuss openly with your photographer about your fears and anxiety. It is their job to put you at ease and make you feel your best and offer suggestions on how to achieve the best results for you.

3. Be Candid.

When you feel awkward it shows in photos. But don’t panic, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a photo album of pictures of you looking like this

Candid or ‘prompt’ photography is your new best friend if you feel tense and uneasy in front of the lens. Candid photography is still less intrusive and I personally love this style because the moments captured feel so real and authentic.

Instead of “stand here, go there," your photographer will direct you by using a series of simple prompts that will spark a natural joyful reaction. “Kiss your partner on 5 different places on their face”, “whisper in their ear” or my personal favourite “remember the first time you farted in front of each other.” 🙈 It sounds silly but trust me it works!

This style is also the best option if you don’t want to spend time away from your wedding guests to get photos. Less time in front of the camera and more time with loved ones and a glass of Prosecco? Sounds like a plan to me. Your photographer will snap photos of you and your beau from a distance, while you are interacting your guests.

▶️ Watch How to Overcome Photo-Anxiety with Adelaide based wedding photographer Jacqui Jakubowski . Be sure to check it out and follow us on IG!

Kate Morris

I'm Kate, creator of WEDitate. An Adelaide, SA based Wedding Planner and Anxiety Coach. I'd like to personally invite you to join us on the road to wedding wellness, from engaged to 'I do' and beyond.

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