What is a 'Wedding Website'? How can it save you from wedding planning overwhelm?

Wedding Wellness Sep 02, 2020

Ding Ding. Beep. BUZZZZ. *whistle*. 🔔⁠
Is your phone blowing up? Are you inundated with endless notifications from wedding vendors and guests? ⁠

After a long day you just want to chill out and watch Netflix but quotes and questions about venues, flowers and menus keep sliding into your DM's.
“Can’t I get a minutes' peace!” you cry!

Girl, I hear you. You didn’t sign up for the CONSTANT notifications. Seriously, wedding planning has somehow taken over your whole life and it’s starting to feel like a bit of a drag. Chasing up RSVP's, booking vendors, worrying about dietary requirements and seating plans. All while watching the budget and hoping current social gathering restrictions don’t change again.

This just isn’t working for you and you may be feeling like you are losing control of your planning. Well my love, I can tell you that you CAN have your ‘wedding’ cake and eat it too. A healthy work/life/planning balance is so easy to achieve with a wedding website. So read on if you want to:

Get organised in your planning 💁
Feel calm and confident 😌
Keep on track with your wedding checklist ✅
And finally book a date with a hot bath, Netflix and glass of vino🍷

What is a Wedding Website?

Conventionally, a wedding website is a ‘hub’ where wedding guests can find information about your big day. Details about the location, date and time of the ceremony, the dress code, directions, local information and other FAQs are the usual suspects you found find on a wedding website.

Why a Wedding Website and do I really need one?

The average couple is engaged between 13-15 months and spend approximately 528 hours to plan the wedding itself. That seems like a lot of time, right?  But when we throw in a full working week, staying fit, maintaining our social life and spending quality time with your beau (time where you’re not focused on the wedding) – it becomes a bit of a juggling act.


Most commonly, couples use a wedding website to house the important information as well as manage their RSVP's. Traditionally a couple would send a save the date or RSVP to their guests in the post, that they would then fill out and send back. You can save yourself SO much time (and postage) by directing your guests to your wedding website. No lengthy calls, texts or Whatsapp messages required, because remember, we are trying to create some of that sweet planning/life balance!

Ok yeah, a wedding website can save me time but is it really necessary?

In a survey from Zola, 35% of participants who were asked about the most stressful part of planning said it was getting it all done. In this same survey, 56% of participants also said they experienced elevated anxiety during their planning. This is where I believe a wedding website can be a godsend for overwhelmed couples. 🙏

Depending on the platform you use, your wedding website can include some awesome digital features: trackers that manage expenses and payments, databases to store all your vendors as well as guest information. With the world and weddings becoming more and more technical by the day, the possibilities of a wedding website have only grown. This is great news for those of us feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done and boss your wedding checklist.


Some other things to consider

As much as technology can help simplify the planning process, there are some things to consider when weighing up if a wedding website is right for you.

Here are a few questions to explore:

What is the cost?

  • Cost is a factor that you will definitely want to consider. Custom websites can cost anything from $49 - $149. Paid sites will have the added perks of digital features we discussed earlier and customer support. (Wedsites)
  • For tech savvy couples you may opt for making your website yourself. There are a lot of platforms where you can create a wedding website for free (The Knot, Wix, Wedding Wire). These platforms offer a free basic version and generally have user friendly interfaces and ready to use templates. If some pennies become available in your budget, then you can also upgrade and unlock limited features or even purchase your own custom domain name.

Tip: Write a list of what would be included in your dream wedding website. What features would be helpful for you? Do you need help mapping out your budget and keeping track of your expenses? Find a platform that can offer that and research it. Or perhaps you love the idea of using the website to organise your guest list and RSVP's. Have a clear idea of what you want your site to do before shopping around.

Who will be using your website?

  • This seems silly but consider the demographic of your guests before committing to a website. Not everyone will be fully indoctrinated into the digital world so it may be worth weighing up whether your time and effort would be wasted. Or maybe managing the RSVP's isn’t the top priority for you and your website. So again, consider how that website can work for YOU and your needs before committing to it.

Is it essential?

  • Like all details, aside from the marriage certificate - when it comes to a wedding - a wedding website is not essential. Not having one isn’t going to negatively impact your special day. Wedding websites are a handy tool for many couples but if you feel a dedicated website isn’t right for you and your day then skip it. Always invest your energy into what will bring you joy during planning and the big day.

I recently hosted an Instagram Live session with the founder of Wedsites, Ayla Toyokawa on how a wedding website can soothe your wedding planning overwhelm. Be sure to check it out and follow us on IG!

Kate Morris

I'm Kate, creator of WEDitate. An Adelaide, SA based Wedding Planner and Anxiety Coach. I'd like to personally invite you to join us on the road to wedding wellness, from engaged to 'I do' and beyond.

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