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How did a girl like you get into an industry like this?

Until recently any time I was asked this question, I froze. I looked down at my shoes, fidgeted with my hands and tensely waited for the conversation to pass. So how did this worrying introvert turn into a chatty wedding planning coach?

It’s true. I was always an anxious kid. I worried about hurting myself or getting into trouble. Worried about that idiot (I’m being nice here because I’m trying to make a good first impression) Ryan Wright* from year 5 calling me four eyes at breaktime 🤓.

You may have already guessed what happened to that kid, but if not SPOILER ALERT. That anxious kid grew up to be… an anxious adult. BUT, no longer will you find her reciting the old mantra “sticks and stones”. Instead she fought feelings of fear and worked towards her goal of becoming a wedding coach.

Hey, I’m Kate.
A proud Liverpudlian girl obsessed with dogs, RuPaul’s Drag Race and good coffee. Above everything, I love meeting people and hearing their stories. Even Ryan f***ing Wright couldn’t stop me wanting to be social and to connect with people. The best part of connecting with others is the opportunity to help them, that’s why I’m here!

How did you get into weddings?
I have been a wedding planner for over 7 years. I adore weddings but coming from a small family I didn’t have many experiences of them until I worked in hospitality. Little did I know when I took a bartending job to help pay my way through university that it would put me on the path to a lifelong passion. Before long every weekend I was shaking cocktails at a strangers wedding. I loved it!

Have you ever been for a walk on Christmas Day and everyone you pass gives you a little smile or wishes you well? That warm lovely moment, that willingness to connect? That was weddings for me.

I wanted to be as close to the action as possible and soon I was given the chance to step away from the bar and into wedding coordination for the first time. Under the wing of the best manager I’ve ever had (thank you Jamie) I grew an ethos that weddings are as individual as their couples.

You're awesome so let's start with YOU. The rest is a bonus. 

One size does NOT fit all.
Cue that wizzy noise and fast forward a few years. I moved from my beloved Liverpool and arrived in Adelaide, Australia, where you can still find me smiling from ear to ear at a clients (who now feel more like family) wedding.

Not everything has been confetti and wedding cake mind you. My time as a planner has given me first-hand experience of how stressful and overwhelming wedding planning can be. In fact, every single couple I’ve worked with were happy to see the back of it.

I started to notice though that the worries that were really keeping my couples up at night were ones that they didn’t feel were ‘wedding worries’ or ones they felt a planner couldn’t help them with.

“My mum and dad don’t speak to each other, where do I put them in my seating plan?”

“How do I tell that person no?”

“I’m so stressed that when I try to organise my budget, I can’t think straight.”

For some of my couples, these very real worries would often take the joy out of their planning process and sometimes even the wedding day. This really struck a chord with me because I recognised those feelings. That sense of overwhelm. Anxiety sucks!

Why do you do what you do?

Anxiety has followed me around for most of my life and showed itself in different forms. The consistent feature in my experience was that I was very self-critical. I blamed myself a lot and apologised even more. My anxiety was so obtrusive; forcing itself into my space, but in typical polite British fashion I quietly shuffled up and gave it room to settle in. One day enough was enough and I found the benefits of speaking to someone I knew understood. I invested in learning about mindfulness and CBT and I found these techniques helped me immensely, not only during periods of anxiety but in everyday situations. When I started to recognise some of my old thinking habits in some of my clients, I believed I could help them beyond planning their wedding.

Too often did I see clients encounter unnecessary pressure; pressure of expectations from loved ones, society or the wedding industry. Nobody has time for that! I wanted to empower my couples and help them breathe a sigh of relief. That was when WEDitate came to be.

I believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on either your vision or your mental wellbeing to have your perfect wedding day.

WEDitate is an inclusive no worries wedding planning platform that guides couples through the planning process with open and honest advice, and pairs that with practical tools to help manage anxiety and stress.

By applying techniques in mindfulness, meditation and CBT; I will show you how to easily navigate through decisions, approach conversations with vendors or wedding guests but most importantly, how to feel truly present throughout their wedding day and into marriage.

Mind your mind. 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and learning about your wedding wonders and wedding woes. My goal is to give you a wedding planning experience that crushes your wedding worries, lifts the stigma of anxiety and results in an original worry-free wedding day that is authentically yours. I want to give you hands-on tailored guidance that makes you feel confident and in control. This is your journey, your wedding day and your life, and I will be there every step of the way. Now, it's over to you!

I’d like to personally invite you to join us on the road to #WeddingWellness, from engaged, to “I do” and beyond. Follow our Instagram to join our community and receive lots of free planning tips and anxiety management advice.

❤️ Kate x

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